Restoration Process

Over 400 man hours spent on restoration by experienced VW builders. Make our bus your show car, daily driver, or both! This is a great opportunity to invest in an iconic piece of history that continues to increase in value every day. Pictures speak for themselves, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Our attention to detail sets us apart from any competitors. VW buses are our specialty and our knowledge and expertise in them is rare. We welcome anyone from a first time buyer to restoring your old family bus sitting in the back field. The buses we purchase to restore usually begin their restoration with us running, accident free with minimal dings or dents, minimal rust, complete, and often still licensed and registered.



We completely disassemble our buses inside and out, down to a shell and power wash. All parts are inventoried and inspected for functionality and appearance. 90% of the original German parts are refurbished and reused as opposed to replacing them with a lesser quality aftermarket part usually made in China. Most, but not all, of the new parts we purchase and use are listed below in the related category.


All doors and hatches removed in disassembly are repaired and painted “off” the body to ensure adequate coverage in all jambs. Entire bus is sanded. Any dings, dents or scratches are repaired. Coats of “Fill-Primer” are applied to even out the body, sanded and prepared for paint. Always painted with quality DuPont automotive base coat/clear coat products. After paint has cured, the body is wet-sanded with 1500 grit sandpaper and machine polished for ultimate shine.


Doors are carefully hung on the body. All parts new and refurbished are carefully installed. Including; all lighting, mirrors, door handles, antenna, grill, emblem, bumpers, roof rack(s), etc. All rubber seals (body, door, window, etc.) are replaced with new. New front door kits; windows, wings, trim, flaps and seals are installed. We always purchase brand new tires for all 4 wheels and supply a safe usable spare.


Floor is coated with undercoating, new plywood and high traction carpet. Seat stands, rear cargo and side panels covered with flexible automotive carpet. Dashboard and components are disassembled, painted and reassembled. New front door panels. Stereo options are up to you. On our custom booth seating Microbuses, 4 new lap belts are installed in the rear two 3 point seat belts in front. New floor mat, kick panels, sun visors, handles, etc. Upholstery is done in house with new foam and leatherette vinyl, unless otherwise requested. Upholstery options are endless.


Entire underbody is power washed and completely sealed with automotive rust preventative undercoating. All mechanical and electrical components removed in disassembly are carefully inspected, tested and either repaired or replaced. Some, but not all, new components include; misc. steering, brakes, axle, shifter and suspension components as well as throttle, clutch, heater, and brake cables. So much more work goes into the important mechanics of our buses there is too much to list, but feel free to ask any questions.


Our original German motors are disassembled and, unless tested with high compression, they are rebuilt. Then meticulously reassembled with many new parts and components usually including new carburetor and air cleaner, battery, spark plugs, seals, etc. Pertronix electronic ignition systems are always installed to eliminate the old faulty and frustrating points and condenser distributor systems. All motors are bench tested and run for initial break-in prior to installation.


We specialize in our custom built and patented air conditioning system with remote and generator. This one of a kind set up can be seen nowhere else. Designed and fabricated only by us. Within moments, efficiently cool the entire interior of the bus and your passengers, and lose ZERO horsepower from your engine. For any other custom option or special features, feel free to ask. We can design, fabricate, build and deliver almost anything.